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As a representative of naturist massage in Paris, the Newave institute holds the secrets of the erotic massage dreamed of by lovers of well-being and sensuality.

Our wellness salon includes the most talented naturist masseuses in the capital, each of whom works to preserve this secular know-how, to give you the legacy of naturist massages.

Relaxing or energetic, techniques combine with the sensual to create bare massages unique to dreamlike perfumes:


Our relaxation space is the quintessence of polysensorial massage of a new kind, that of chic and refinement. Welcoming every day, even on weekends, men, women and couples looking for effective care.

Come discover a wave of wellness by naturist massage, in the heart of Paris 12th at 23-25 street Louis Braille (Metro Michel Bizot - line 8 / Bus 64 station Louis Braille).

                                          Read + about Newave Institute...

Secret Room Massage
Naturist Massages Paris


Since its creation, your erotic massage parlor Newave Institute located in Paris 12th, is animated by the desire to offer mixed clientele a world of relaxation, opulence and sensuality.

A baroque-style wellness area combines the service of an upscale massage to serve you a unique line of naturist modeling in theme cabins.

Our ambition is based on the excellence of the know-how thanks to the sensual masseuses with the perfect silhouette, raised with elegant outfits that adds a little more to the refinement.

Our sensual Parisian massage parlor is inspired by the techniques of relaxation and current trends is well-being to deliver you timeless benefits to the mastered style. Its pomp and elegance make the Newave institute a must-see for all admirers, enthralled by the idea of an exceptional erotic massage.

Lingam Massage
Body Massage
Tantric Massage
Soft Domination
Naturist Massage Couple
About Newave Institute Massage Paris 12th
Californian Massage Paris
Reciprocal Massage


Book your erotic massage with Angela our masseuse of the month
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45 mn - € 130 

30 mn - € 150 | 60 mn - € 200
60 mn - € 400 (4 hands)

30 mn - € 250 | 60 mn - € 300 | 90 mn - € 400 (with jacuzzi)



45 mn - € 300 

For beginners who would like to learn naturist massage, we offer the Californian massage a good entry to the sensual massage, promoting relaxation and relaxation. Our practitioner performs fluid and voluptuous movements on the whole body, until erasing the tensions.

60 mn - € 250 | 90 mn - € 350 (jacuzzi)
60 mn - € 450 (4 hands)

Rediscover your senses with our body body massage. A fantastic melee with your bare masseuse who will use all his oily body to perform a very sensual massage. You will sail to the rhythm of its back and forth, until you capsize.

90 mn - € 300

The centerpiece of the erotic massage, the tantric massage evokes warmth and sensuality thanks to the fragrance it emits. Share a moment of sensory pleasure with your masseuse. A nectar that invites you to escape ...

30 min - 250 € | 45 mn - € 300

The "Lomi Lomi" massage is renowned for providing exoticism and escape. This care aims to improve the well-being of the massed by the succession of smooth and harmonious gestures. This sensual and tonic massage draws its source in the "loving touch" thanks to the touch wrapping with the hands, forearms and fists to relieve the pains.

60 mn - € 350 | 90 mn - € 450 (with jacuzzi)

Currently €50 offered
I'm enjoying it!

The sensual alliance of a reciprocal massage with the naturist masseuse of your choice. A body massage (body to body) with intoxicating sensations for a deluge of pleasure shared!

A genuine energizing bath for both the Body and the Spirit, this Jacuzzi treatment combined with a body body massage is marked by the complicity of a deep relaxation, for a sensorial dive!

Explore the limits of your sensitivity and dare the variants of the naturist massage associated with soft domination using playful accessories. A way to spice up the erotic massage experience. 

Experience the pleasures of Lingam massage in which you learn to channel the energies and receive the absolute well-being of your masseuse. Lingam is a massage concentrated around the genitals to obtain a true letting go of the massed, placing it in the receptive state. It aims to raise awareness and allows self-control through mastery of one's emotions. It does not constitute a sexual massage, neither close nor far. Treatment provided in a fabulous jacuzzi.

Option - € 50 in addition to the massage

Original and innovative, Caprices Day gives you the opportunity every Thursday to disguise yourself and combine the playful side with sensual massage. It brings a festive character to the idea of ​​well-being.
             Come as you like!



From € 350 Check Prices

At the threshold of well-being, reach gentlemen to absolute relaxation without moving from your hotel room in Paris. Our naturist massage at the hotel makes you enjoy in optimal conditions a naturist care to stimulate your senses with pleasure. An imperial letting go ...

60 mn - € 400 (body body) | € 450 (reciprocal) | € 550 (tantric) |
€ 650 (lingam)

 Free jacuzzi 

Need to find yourselves to brighten up your life as a couple, the institute Newave offers you a naturist massage for couple in which you will enjoy the benefits in duo sensual massage to harmonize your two beings. 3 naturist formulas dedicated to couples: Body couples, Reciprocal, Tantric + Jacuzzi option.

erotic massage Secret Room

60 mn - € 400 | 90 mn - € 500 (jacuzzi)

Currently €50 offered
I'm enjoying it!

The latest in erotic massages, the "Secret Chamber" is entering the care map. A special room has been set up for this service. As surprising as it is accessible, a variation of 3 formulas for intense emotions. You will have the choice between reciprocal, tantric or lingam, accompanied by a real show in which your masseuse will perform a striptease staging the technique of stripping with art. Get ready to live at a great show!

Lomi Lomi Massage
Naturist Massage Hotel
Naturist Masseuses Paris


Naturist Masseuses Creators of Well-being

Artists with multiple talents, the naturist masseuses of the institute Newave in Paris 12th make you navigate the waves of relaxation through erotic massage. An Art perfectly mastered by their delicate touch.

It is above all an encounter between you and us, a wave of well-being that carries you towards a whirlwind of relaxation.

Our sensual and graceful masseuses initiate a unique and privileged relationship with its male and female clientele by creating emotion through sensory massage.

Let yourself be surprised by our Naturist Practitioners in Paris


Or delicate naturist massage therapists open the doors of a space of intimacy and relaxation for a letting-take in all quietude. Let yourself be surprised by our delightful practitioners, who completely naked you artistically deliver a sensual and olfactive massage. They showcase performances in unpublished colors enriched with sublime scents.

Like a surging wave that invades you, our massages lavished with skill and dexterity will surprise you by their creativity. Our masseuses are the most gifted and the most promising women wearing the highest bare massage thanks to their sculptural and female silhouette. Eva, Kehlya, Jade, Yasmine, Sarah and Dana invite you to discover the unique experience of erotic massage in Paris.

All our naturist masseuses are vaccinated to guarantee you a nude massage in all serenity and far from Covid-19

Gallery Sensual Masseuses
Portofolio Nude Masseuse
Sensual Massages Rates


Naturist massage Paris prices:

The art of naturist care with Newave Institut. Whatever the choice of your sensual massage, our Parisian Spa offers you tailor-made relaxing massages, for a personalized approach to your needs. Subtle alliance between advanced technique and eroticism for a unique sensory experience. Consult the menu of our refined services and come and try them in the company of our elegant masseuses.




New Masseuse


Rules of procedure

I. No ambiguous solicitation with masseuses is tolerated both inside and outside our massage parlor. No ambiguous solicitation with masseuses is tolerated both inside and outside our massage parlor.

II. No exchange of telephone number, mail, ... is accepted by our masseuses.

III. Any verbal or physical behavior that does not conform to the state of mind of our rules requires us to immediately end the session without refund.

Hygiene rules


IV. You will be asked to take a mandatory shower before any performance.

V. Our institute uses professional natural massage oils without derivatives or blends.

VI. All of our futons are covered with aesthetic mattresses, systematically changed after each performance.

Massage Chart




Your Newave naturist institute has put together a month of well-being for Spring. Adopt the Newave attitude with the erotic massage in the spotlight tin order to stay in top shape all year round. Intensify the pleasure with our special offer €50 offered on 2 sensual massages. Focus on naturist massage to warm your hearts. The Newave institute in Paris 12th has concocted for you on this occasion a most extreme sensual experience with a highly sensual massage of rare quality. Always with the greatest respect for health instructions to protect you from Covid* and protect you from its new variants and its ninth wave, your Parisian erotic Spa offers you to go further by stripping completely to discover natural massage and its benefits sensory. To give you a boost against Covid and make you forget the pandemic, we wanted to take your mind off things so you can approach your day well! Newave Institute is happy to introduce you to its €50 off offer on 1-hour lingam massage and Secret Room. This is the opportunity for you to discover nudist massages such as tantric and lingam massage. A service of extreme sensuality to enjoy an incomparable naked massage. You will discover an unprecedented naturist experience of naughty massage with the key to deep relaxation! A refined well-being ritual to introduce you to the pleasures of erotic massage with, as always, the masseuse of your choice and why not try it with our practitioner of the month! Prepare your senses for the show and the party.. Book it now!

Take advantage of our exceptional offer to get May off to a good start with €50 discount on the lingam (60 mins) and the Secret Room. Combine pleasure and relaxation by discovering our refined range of sensual massages. Our practitioners will provide you with an unparalleled erotic treatment in a suave and relaxing atmosphere. We won't tell you any more and prefer to keep this magical moment a secret... Come quickly and book your naturist treatment on the dates and times indicated for a moment of pure ecstasy in our luxurious institute.

*To avoid the risk of propagation linked to the health crisis, Newave Institut is committed to your safety: To welcome a maximum of 3 clients. To regularly disinfect cabins and surfaces in contact with customers. We favor appointments made on the website. Wearing a mask is recommended. Masks are available in our institute. The health of our customers and that of our staff remains our priority. Let’s make the right moves.

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Special Erotic Massage Offer - 20%
Initiation Soft Domination / BDSM
Fidelity Card Massage Paris

The Newave Institute in Paris 12th rewards the loyalty of its customers by offering them the Privilege card. Entirely free of charge * Newave fidelity card offers you numerous advantages such as the possibility of benefiting from the 5th sensual massage between:


  • 20% discount,

  • 30 minutes more on your wellness session, so as to prolong the fun longer.

To benefit from it, please fill out the contact form below with your contact details or ask our hostess directly in the institute.


N.B: The cards requested from the contact form will be picked up in our Spa located at 23, rue Louis Braille 75012 Paris.

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To our customers, the Newave Institute Fidelity Card, allows you to choose between a 20% discount or an additional 30 minutes on your 5th body treatment. The 2 promotions are not cumulative. The Privilege card is completely free. It will be delivered upon request.


Fidelity Card Massage


You have always been inclined to discover new experiences. Experienced with thrills or just curious, break codes and other taboos with our introduction to Soft Domination. Try out games of submission and fetishism of all kinds.

Book your BDSM session now! 



* Discount only by booking using the contact form on the page.

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Our Masseuse of the Month


You were impatiently awaiting it for Spring, we are revealing our masseuse of the month for May. You unanimously elected her as masseuse of the month for her exceptional qualities, we present to you the seductive, timeless and elegant Angela our new erotic masseuse. We welcome him!

Professional, refined and oh so sensual, congratulations to the beautiful Angela, our new talented practitioner of the month. Let yourself be seduced by the benefits of a very sensual naturist massage with her.

*Book your naturist treatment now with Angela using the contact form attached.

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Customer Review Newave institute Paris 12th


The Newave institute has been designed to offer you a dream by naturist massage. This space is dedicated to you to collect your comments following a body care carried out in our establishment. Exchanging through a notice allows us to measure your degree of contentment. Your testimonials are valuable to us to provide you with high quality services.

- The whole team thanks you for your participation -

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Latest customer reviews:

Testimony of the 04/12/18 by Frankie: Back from Paris where one of the highlights was a massage at that massage parlor that I do recommend. A little bit out of the way but very discreet and wow! If you go with Isabella, you're in for some wonderful time.

She's beautiful, perfect body and she knows how to take care of a man. Sweet but efficient. A perfect Lingam massage. Thank you Isabella.

Testimony of the 20/11/18 by Matt: I just wanted to leave a quick review of my massage with Isabela. It was honestly the best massage I ever had. Really welcoming, warm and relaxing, but also personal. The whole vibe was something I never experienced before, and I'll be sure to be back whenever I'm in Paris again. It was incredible. Thanks,

Testimony of the 24/09/17 by Jean: Une belle découverte. Merci Serena, ta beauté et ton massage, un mélange exquis. À très vite.

Testimony of the 20/09/17 by William: A découvrir et redécouvrir tellement le sentiment d'abandon est présent. Des masseuses aux charmes ravageurs, un institut de luxe pour des résultats merveilleux...

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