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Please read carefully the conditions listed in our Charter relating to the booking of a naturist massage at the hotel or Parisian palace. The customer must accept them in its entirety.

I - Rates & services

The prices shown and the duration of the services are established in advance. Check our rates.

1) Payment of benefits

The payment of the service must be made before the beginning of the massage. Payment is made in cash or by credit card directly to your masseuse. Our staff is equipped with a credit card terminal to facilitate payments.
For any change of service or duration, the difference must be paid upon arrival of your practitioner in your hotel.
For night rates, a supplement of 50 € will be required. From 21h, all benefits will be increased in night rate.


II - Booking


Appointments by email must be made 24 hours in advance. You have the contact form for this purpose.

Booking a 4-handed massage or couples package, please reserve 24 hours in advance.
Appointments by phone must be taken at least 3 hours in advance.
For all reservations the customer must provide the following:

  • Time of appointment desired,

  • Name and address of the hotel (minimum 3 stars),

  • Last name and first name,

  • Room number,

  • Telephone number.

The masseuse reserves the right to contact the customer in case of delay, or a bad location of it.
In case of booking a treatment with a specific masseuse, the customer must mention it at the time of booking by email or phone.
All masseuses work for the Newave Institute, therefore they are strictly forbidden to communicate their personal details to customers.
The client must ensure at best a healthy environment to the masseuse so that the delivery takes place in the most favorable conditions.
Our establishment ensures travel only in palaces and hotels 3 * minimum located in Paris and Portes de Paris.

III - Prohibitions

Any proposed sexual requests will be refused. Our massage service should not be compared to an escort service. Our masseuses are not call girls.
All requests beyond the relaxing naturist massage or the "Soft Domination" will be immediately refused by the masseuse.

Displaced behaviors (verbal or physical aggression on staff) will be sanctioned.

IV - General rules to benefits

Dominance props are all sterile.
Our services are non-therapeutic relaxing massages.
Our massage oils are neutral, non-allergenic and fragrance free.
A shower before the start of the service is mandatory to avoid hygiene risks.
We will ask you to use verbal and physical courtesy.
Filming by electronic devices during the performance is strictly prohibited.
The masseuse reserves the right to place the client's phone in a visible manner to avoid any misunderstanding.
The masseuse reserves the right to stop or suspend the service in case of non-compliance. No refund will be made.
Failure to comply with the charter will result in the complete cessation of the treatment.

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